My heart’s desire is to assist others with the spiritual journey of following Jesus. Here are a few resources I have found helpful in pursuing life’s most precious goal: cultivating a restored love relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Stages of Spiritual Development

Mansions of the Heart by Tom Ashbrook

This excellent book examines the seven stages of spiritual development from Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle. It is one of the best sources I have found for understanding the stages of Christian spiritual growth. I consider it a must-read.

The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg

Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich's classic on spiritual development has some parallels to Teresa of Avila's work, but Hagberg’s description includes valuable perspective on the difficult transition into the later stages of spiritual growth.

Spiritual and Emotional Health

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Scazzero likens our inner life to an iceberg: 10% is above the waterline, but much of what drives unhealthy patterns in our emotional and spiritual experience lies in the 90% below the surface. He offers an excellent perspective on the inner life with practical steps for moving toward spiritual and emotional health.

Contemplative Prayer

Lots of good resources here for learning to pray. I especially like the section on the daily examen. The Lunchtime Examen is a wonderful series of guided prayers led by Jim Manney that help newcomers learn to pray the examen. Manney also has a good book called A Simple Life-Changing Prayer that goes into more detail on the history and practice of the examen.

Finding Grace at the Center: The Beginning of Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington and Thomas Keating

Centering prayer is deeply rooted in the history of Western Christianity. It has made a huge difference in my personal journey with Jesus. Pennington and Keating are two of the primary writers on the modern practice of centering prayer.

The Cloud of Unknowing (14th century author unknown)

This brief classic is the foundational book for modern contemplative prayer. The 2006 edition by Bernard Bangley is highly readable while remaining true to the original author's intent.